66x6 Radionet

66x6 Radionet

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

News from Dying Fetus, Deceased, Napalm Death & Grindethic Records (U.K.)

Dying Fetus sacara un Ep llamado "History Repeats..." por Relapse Records. Este Ep contiene versiones de bandas como: Pestilence, Napalm Death, Broken Hope, etc...incluye un tema nuevo. Esto saldrá con fecha, 19 de Julio.
Fade Into Obscurity (versión de DEHUMANIZED),Unchallenged Hate (versión de NAPALM DEATH),Gorehog (versión de BROKEN HOPE),Rohypnol (Tema nuevo),Unleashed Upon Mankind (versión de BOLT THROWER),Twisted Truth (versión de PESTILENCE),Born In A Casket (versión de CANNIBAL CORPSE.
Más información y fuente de la noticia: http://shop.relapse.com/store/product.aspx?ProductID=44051
DECEASED Announce Plans to Record New Album!
Virginian death/thrash metal veterans metal DECEASED will be heading back into the studio this year to record Surreal Overdose, their first full-length of all-new material since 2005's As The Weird Travel On. The long-running metal maestros have kept the faith since 1985, summoning a slew of cult releases and building up an immensely dedicated fanbase that has followed the band merrily into hell and back. Now, at the dawn of 2011, King Fowley and his band of 'bangers have returned!

King Fowley will return to the drum kit for this recording, handling both drums and vocals. The band will welcome in longtime live member Shane Fuegel on guitar (replacing long time band member Mark Adams who retired from music in 2007), while Mike Smith continues on studio guitar alongside longtime bassist Les Snyder.
The new record will be recorded at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia with Kevin Gutierrez engineering and King Fowley producing. The CD will be handled in the states by the band's own label, Shrieks from the Hearse Records, alongside PATAC Records. Hell's Headbangers will handle the vinyl edition, while overseas distribution will be announced shortly.
Source: Catharsis PR


Grindethic Newsletter 7th May 2011

Grindethic Records are pleased to announce the signing of Italy's INDECENT EXCISION to their roster.

The band formed in 2006 as a project of Hannes.  After experimenting with members of PUTRIDITY and EGEMONY, a lasting partnership was formed in 2008 when vocalist Bazza joined the band.

The pair entered Magostudio in Trento at the end of 2010 to record their debut album, "Deification Of The Grotesque" which includes guest appearances from members of PUTRIDITY, SEPTYCAL GORGE and VOMIT THE SOUL.

The release will feature 10 tracks of crushing brutal death metal for fans of DISGORGE, DEVOURMENT and SIKFUK.  Preorders will be available soon but in the meantime a preview track can be heard at the link below...
DEFEATED SANITY - “Prelude To The Tragedy” REISSUE

German brutal death metallers DEFEATED SANITY are putting the finishing touches to some new bonus tracks for a upcoming reissue of their debut album, “Prelude To The Tragedy”. 

The tracks include a rerecorded version of “Expectoration Of Fear” from their 2000 demo and an as yet undisclosed cover song, both of which will feature their new vocalist, Konstantin Lühring (ex-DESPONDENCY).   The reissue will be available ready for their upcoming tour with GORGASM/AMAGORTIS.

email: tom@grindethic.co.uk

PO Box 49762
N20 0LN
Napalm Death -Preparan nuevo disco-

Napalm Death han entrado en estudio con su antiguo productor Russ Russell en Kettering (Reino Unido). Para grabar lo que sera su álbum número catorce. El disco podría salir en el mes de octubre por Century Media Records.

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